A Round-shaped necklace for loved ones

by Viviana

Customizable photo necklace with stones

This is a namenskette photo necklace with multiple customization options. The customers can add their photo which will be printed inside of the necklace. It’s a perfect gift item idea for the loved ones. There are multiple customization options in addition to the photo. For instance, the buyers can select from a variety of stone colors ranging from red to brown, and yellow to blue. Each stone is artificial, but very strong and shiny that adds to the beauty of the necklace. Moreover, the product is best suited for females, especially young girls.

Incredibly designed

The design is round shaped, with golden body, which isn’t real gold, though. The outer cover has an engraving, while the inner part has the photo printed that is uploaded by the customers of their choice. The other outer side has a small stone of buyer’s choice. Moreover, buyers have an option whether or not to buy this product with a gift packing.

Handmade round golden pendant

This is a handmade product, which usually completes within 3-4 days. Each pendant is produced upon order placement only since each product is highly customized. The high customization allows buyers to personalize the product. This also ensures incredible buyer satisfaction. Made of sterling silver, this product weighs mere 8.4 grams. The necklace won’t feel heavy in the neck if wore for a long time. Moreover, it won’t leave scars or scratches on the neck.

Perfect pendant gift set

This product becomes an ideal gift set due to several characteristics such as:

  1. Stylish appearance that will create a romantic mood upon gifting it to the loved ones.
  2. High customization ensures one can print the photo of their loved ones.
  3. The product is suited for gifting on Mothers’ day, valentines’ day, and Christmas.
  4. This personalized jewelry is designed to suit soft bodies of women. They won’t find it uncomfortable to wear for long time.
  5. Wearing this gift item will add to the overall beauty and appearance of any lady.

Buying details of photo necklace with stones

Buyers looking to buy this product can order it online from ineffebless website. They’ll have the chance to add their photo, select the desired stone from the list of available options and place an order. Payment shall be made online in advance to confirm the order. The product will be handmade upon receiving full payment. The delivery is estimated to take up to 15 days or less depending on the market rush and distance between the buyers and manufacturers. All the products are delivered within a week under normal circumstances.

Interesting features of pendant gift set

This product is ideal for purchase due to attractive features such as:

  1. Free shipping possibility for orders above certain range. This range is visible on the website and is subject to change.
  2. Buyers will be entitled for warranty and a replacement shall be possible in case of damaged product or manufacturing defects.
  3. Customers wanting to return the product can do so within 90 days. 3 months are more than enough to make up the mind whether or not to return the product.

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