Beginners Guide to Shopping for Hair Extensions

by Viviana

Hair extensions are quite effective in adding style, length, and volume to your overall appearance. If you want to rock an amazing look, then you should consider trying different hair extensions. However, it becomes a bit challenging, considering that there are different brands of hair extensions on the market such as virgin Brazilian human hair. These are some things that can help you get the best hair extensions.

Selecting Hair Extensions

Type of Hair

Ideally, you will need to decide whether to purchase synthetic or real human hair. In this case, your requirement does matter. The truth is that natural human hair is better than synthetic one based on safety, programmatic scope, and flexibility. However, with synthetic hair extensions, you cannot use heating tools as they can damage them. Remember that natural extensions look like your hair, and it is difficult for people to distinguish them. Therefore, you have the freedom of styling them as you want.


There are various hair extensions you can get on the market. You can be assured to get extensions that can match the texture of your hair. Since you cannot get all brands to suit various hairstyles, you need to get it right. That explains why the texture of extensions does matter. When you purchase extensions from a reputable supplier, you can be assured to get the appropriate variety and style.


Before purchasing any given hair extension, ensure you check whether it has passed different quality tests. Remember that hair extensions can be quite delicate and feeble. If the hair extensions shed quickly, they are of lower quality. It is a good idea to test different wefts and check whether they are long-lasting. If you want to have peace of mind, ensure you purchase high-quality hair extensions.

Check for Hues

There is a need to be careful when buying hair extensions. That is because you may end up getting low-quality hues. As a result, they do not blend with the hair color. It may be quite daunting to choose appropriate color tones. For instance, if you choose the wrong choice of color, many people will notice temporary hair extensions. Therefore, there is a need to get extensions that match your hair tones and colors.

Thickness and Length

You should not forget hair extensions are used to add thickness and length to your hair. Although you want them to add the desired length, you should not go for cheaper extensions as they are easily damaged. Instead, you should go for top brands you can find in the salon. It is advisable to check the extension of whether there are existing gaps within. Avoid extensions with gaps as they cannot blend well with the real tresses.

If you are not sure what to look for when choosing hair extensions, you can consult your hairstylist. In this way, you can feel confident that the extensions you choose will get a seamless application. You can even contact the brand you want and find out whether they have a stylist near you.

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