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by Viviana
name necklace

Numerous necklaces will be of interest to you, but there is one that will captivate you due to its impressive feature.

A name necklace is a piece of customized jewellery that can feature your name or the name of your loved ones. This jewellery is a sentimental piece, one that you can gift a loved one and will certainly leave a lasting impression.  

Before you decide to spend a dime on your preferred personalised name necklace, here are a few things to put into consideration.


Expensive name necklaces have sophisticated designs and are made from high-end materials such as gemstone and pearls. On the other hand, the less costly ones usually have simple designs. So, determine your budget and go for something that will not strain your pockets.

Customized ones are equally not cheap, as the cost is determined by the design and the materials used. Nonetheless, you can negotiate with your jeweller and agree on a good price depending on your available budget. Check out affordable personalised name necklaces on

Skin Tone

Different metals pair better with different skin tones. Silver, platinum, and white gold looks better on cool skin tones. Gold, brass, copper and rose gold match well on warm skin tones. Matching your skin tone and your name necklace will ensure that the two do not overshadow each other or cause any distraction.

To determine your skin tone, the easiest way would be to observe your skin in natural light. If you are not sure, you can ask a beauty expert for professional advice.

It is also important to note that alloyed metals can react with the skin if you have hypersensitive skin. To avoid that you can opt for personalised name necklaces made from pure metals like platinum since they have hypo-allergenic properties.  

Length of the Necklace Chain

Since name necklaces are normally personalized pieces of jewellery, its length is one of the essential things to look out for. Your jeweller should examine the shape of your neck and your general height and then match it to an appropriate necklace length.  The aim is to make sure that it is comfortable to wear and stylish.

A name necklace with a length of between 18-24 inches is highly recommended for adults. If you are choosing for kids, 14 inches will be appropriate.

Font of the Name

Fonts used on the name necklaces are also worth considering. Does the font suit your personality, style, and age? If you are the type who keeps things simple, then small fonts are appropriate.

Big fonts will be appropriate if you have an outgoing personality. Additionally, you can opt to go for name necklaces that are written in small letters or those written in capital letters depending on your style.

Design of the Name Necklace

It is crucial to first identify the kind of design that will interest you or the person you intend to gift the name necklace. There are a variety of designs for people of different ages and styles, but it will be a hard task choosing. Heart, Circular, Rectangular, and Infinity shapes are the most preferred when it comes to adult designs. Overlapping heart or personalized unicorn designs go well with kids.

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