Some Awesome Ways to Decorate at a Concert

by Viviana
3D epoxy resin stickers.

There are several ways of decorating a concert venue including the use of 3D clear epoxy resin stickers wholesale, memorabilia, and badges. Asides these, many other forms of labeling and branding are used on staff, fans, and equipment to pass several messages. As long as the eyes can see them, then we are in business.

One of the cheapest and trendiest methods of promoting messages or a brand at concerts is 3D epoxy resin stickers. They are also a way of spinning some money at the venue for both the artists and the venue owners. With the current rave of technology, it has become so easy and inexpensive to print these epoxy stickers.

Another way of getting these stickers is through clear epoxy stickers wholesale by Zigpac. In this post, we will look into how you can use these stickers to decorate your concert venue.

Using 3D Epoxy Resin Stickers at a Concert Venue

The most common ways of using stickers at an event like yours are on T-shirts, event staff badges, and equipment. There are so many other ways you could incorporate these stickers into your event venue. You just need to get creative about it.

Here’s a list of five creative ways you could make use of 3D epoxy resin stickers at your concert.

Publicizing your concert

You’re probably wondering what this is not at your event venue. True, but it is still a creative method of using the stickers in a way that relates to your concert. It can really be cumbersome for an act, promoter, musician, or venue to publicize a concert or some other event.

The regular methods are social media, digital marketing, and posting a few flyers around town. Did you know that you could use stickers to achieve the same purpose? Simply print your stickers or get clear epoxy stickers wholesale from Zigpac.

Once you do, visit an ongoing entertainment event or concert and share them there. It works like magic. You could also create some stickers carrying information about your website, upcoming shows, and social media accounts. One of the best methods of publicity is reaching your target audience one-on-one.

3D epoxy resin stickers.

Staying organized on concert day

A large crowd is always expected at concert venues so you have to be very organized. This is necessary to ensure that things go as planned. One way to keep your team organized is by using epoxy stickers.

These stickers are not just for promoting your brand, they help with organization as well. That’s asides adding some glam to your event if you get beautiful designs from Zigpac. These stickers will help you differentiate between event staff of different departments.

They’ll also be great for marking equipment, tables, stages, directions, restrooms, etc. You are probably thinking of the overall cost to achieve this. That’s not an issue because using these stickers is actually very cheap compared to other methods.

3D epoxy resin stickers.

Promoting your act or band

One of your major duties as a musician or theatre group is building your fan base. There’s no limit or end to this, it is a constant activity you must engage in. After all, how much you earn in the long run is dependent on these people.

As a theatre troupe, rock band, or solo musician, you can promote your art this way. Simply share some stickers with your information to the fans and you’ll be surprised at how far they will travel.

If you have a group or musician that you’d love to support, you can paste their stickers on your equipment. This is a way to show solidarity with the group as well as tell of how they inspire you. While they add some beauty to your venue and equipment, your fans see another side of you.

3D epoxy resin stickers.

Publicize your concert, festival, or venue

Handing out 3D epoxy resin stickers is still the fastest and most efficient method of spreading the word among fans. When you share them at your concert, festival, or venue they have a far-reaching and long-lasting effect.

Fans of live music will stop at nothing to enjoy live music. Get some stickers from Zigpac and let your staff share them personally at the concert. This allows for one-on-one communication with fans which is needed to grow your brand.

One reason for this is that it breeds volunteering, which you’d obviously need while organizing any event. You should note that fans love to have that sense of belonging, they want to know that they are stakeholders. Give that feeling and watch you’re your numbers skyrocket.

3D epoxy resin stickers.

Make use of a Merch table to sell more elaborate epoxy stickers

You must have seen this at some events you’ve attended. Where bands set up a Merch table somewhere at their venue to sell merchandise.

While fans may be skeptical about spending $50 on a shirt on your stand, the stickers will attract them. The logic is simple, sell your stickers a lot cheaper and your fans still want something to take home. You can get some clear epoxy stickers wholesale for this purpose.

3D epoxy resin stickers.

Strengthen your fan base using stickers at your concert

Yes, you want to decorate your concert venue with stickers. But you can kill two birds with a stone by growing your fan base alongside. Fans always love to adorn their possessions with stickers from their favorite bands or theatre troupes.

Share some stickers to them and watch them place the stickers on all their possessions. Tablets, phones, laptops, bags, speakers, books, travel mugs, etc. are the commonest items that enjoy placement. As long as they will be noticed, your fans will place the stickers there.

This is a simple way to make the fans ambassadors of your brand. Through this method, you spend less on publicity.

3D epoxy resin stickers.

Awesome Ways to Use 3D Epoxy Resin Stickers to Decorate at a Concert Roundup

Those epoxy stickers (know more) are really handy at the end of the day. You could use them to decorate your concert while achieving great results in publicity. Visit Zigpac to get stickers for your next concert.

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