A Look At How False Eyelashes Have Become A Must-Have Accessory

by Viviana
False Eyelashes

The fake eyelashes market is a booming market and a great business to venture into. Makeup artists now buy wholesale mink eyelashes as a way of cashing in on the booming market. No doubt that the demand for false lashes will keep growing exponentially.

It’s expected that by 2025, the market of these must-have accessories will be worth more than $1.5 billion. Some of the most popular types of false eyelashes include the synthetic lashes, silk lashes, and the hollow feather lashes that are light and weightless.

How To Choose False Eyelashes

The perfect pair of falsies should complement your face by making your eyes pop. The choice of eyelashes you choose should be based on the shape of your eyes.

Before you get started on choosing, decide if you want natural lashes, full-volume lashes, or individual lashes. Here are the different types of looks that you can achieve with the false eyelashes depending on the lashes you choose and the shape of your eyes:

  • Subtle look

If you’re looking for a subtle look, choose natural lashes that blend in well with your real eyelashes. A subtle look appears more realistic and is perfect for casual events, outings, and meetings too.

  • Edgy look

If you want to go for a more edgy look, find eyelashes that add more volume to your real eyelashes. These usually have thick strips and more bristles. The look is perfect for evening events and parties.

  • Dramatic

This look suits people who have deep-set eyes that sit further into the skull. Since the brow bone is more pronounced, longer eyelashes with a moderate curl at the tip will look amazing on the face.

  • Individual Customized Lashes
False Eyelashes

Individual eyelashes tend to look more natural as compared to strip eyelashes. Depending on what look you are going for, you can add many of them or just a few.

For a more retro look, add more of the individual lashes to the corners of the eyes. On the other hand, if you’re going for a flirty look add more lashes towards the outer half of the eyes.

What Type Of False Eyelashes Are Suitable For My Face Type?

If you have round eyes, choose winged or wispy eyelashes that are slightly longer at the ends. These tend to create a cat-eye effect that complements your round eyes.

If you have hooded eyes, go for tapered end eyelashes. Choosing eyelashes that are longer at the middle creates an illusion of depth and draws attention towards the eyes.

If you have mono-lids, apply light and slightly fluffy eyelashes. If you apply bold eyelashes, they’ll stick out too far and look unnatural.

The Pros And Cons Of False Eyelashes

Fake eyelashes are usually applied to increase the volume of a person’s natural eyelashes with the aim of improving how the eyes look.

  • The pros
  1. They accentuate a person’s natural eyelashes. Modify the lashes to a length that you like and then add glue to the lash line and press them just above the natural eyelashes.
  2. They create a bold look. When you’re dressing up for an occasion that requires you to look bold, eyelashes make it possible for you to dramatically boost your appearance and make it look like you have longer lashes. They are a great way to quickly increase the length and volume of eyelashes.
False Eyelashes
  • The cons
  1. They’re not a permanent solution. Even though some eyelash extensions may last for a couple of weeks, eyelashes cannot be attached permanently to the eyelids. This means that you have to get them reapplied every now and then.
  2. Costly. Getting the lashes fixed can cost you up to $300 depending on where you get them done and the look you’re going for.
  3. Infections. Having the eyelashes on for so long can cause bacteria to collect under the eyelashes and cause eye infections. These infections may also be brought about by allergic reactions to the chemicals that are present in the glue.

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