Four Best Lace Frontal Wig Styles Of 2021

by Viviana

Lace frontal closure wigs are an intricate hairpiece that offers any head shape an appealing and elegant look. And if you manage to select an excellent brand, they’ll also mix well with a wide variety of lace frontal wig styles.

Lace frontal wigs are popular for all the right reasons. Not only do they blend well with your natural hair, but you can also use them to cover up the damage of your hair. Although picking out a perfect fit is tough, make sure you choose one that offers a range of hairstyles.

Human Hair vs. Synthetic Hair for Lace Frontal Wig Styles

When you’re first picking out a frontal lace wig, you must know the basics. Human hair and synthetic hair wigs both have their advantages and disadvantage that make them an ideal choice.

Where synthetic hair doesn’t need as much styling as its counterpart, human hair can be styled using different hair tools that may otherwise damage the synthetic hair. Before you choose one, make sure you keep your needs and budgets in mind as it’ll help you with the selection.

4 Best Lace Frontal Wig Styles

Most people prefer to go with human hair wigs since you can use different styling tools for lace frontal wig styles. With unlimited options available in various forms, from straight to curly, bob to bouncy, you can do it all!

Lace frontal wigs may offer you a natural look since they mix smoothly, especially in the front. Depending on the occasion, you may style them as you like. This allows you to have a new look for each event, which means you’ll never have to repeat one. Mostly, the lace wigs are straight when they come out of the box. But you may curl, braid, and roll it according to your preferences.

1. Side Part or Middle Part

A style that’s familiar to all is the side or middle part. Parting your lace wig is effortless; it doesn’t require any style tool or time. All you need for this is a needle tip comb and your lace frontal wig.

  1. Install your wig and fix it in place with or without glue.
  2. Take your needle tip comb, and create a part as you like. You may part it along the center, at the left or right side. This is all up to you, and you may choose according to what fits your face.

2. Half up Hairstyles

This hairdo is perfect for when you’re going out with your friends casually or staying in to binge-watch a new series. It can be done by the following few steps:

  1. Comb your hair to the back with a comb. Then, take half of the hair from the front and tie them up using a hairband.
  2. Let them fall freely on top of the hair you have at the back.
  3. With the hair you just tied, turn them clockwise or anticlockwise to make a bun.

3. Bun Style

For a formal look, gather all your hair and tie them in a bun with a hairband. This is a perfect look for office functions.

4. Ponytails

Lace frontal wigs can also be used to style your hair into a ponytail. You may tie them in two ponytails for an energetic vibe. Or tie your hair in a single low ponytail for official events.


There are numerous ways to style your lace frontal wigs, some of which are described above. There are no restrictions as wearing and styling your wig depends on your choice and occasion!

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