Steps to follow in creating a hat’s embroidered patch

by Viviana
embroidered patch on hat

Globally, there is a relatively massive demand for an embroidered patch in caps. However, the process of making embroidered patches and attaching them to any cloth is relatively simple if you have the right guideline. If you want to custom your own embroidered hats with any design, considered using the instructions provided in this article.

  • Set up the necessary materials

First, for you to start following steps on how to design embroidered patches, you need to prepare the required materials. A sharp needle, a fabric cloth, a stabilizer that is water-soluble, and a patch design that is digitized are the vital materials necessary. The patch design should have a reasonable level detail which will result well after scaling it down to the size of the patch.

  • Choosing the design

After preparing the materials, you need to start your embroidered patch design by selecting the patch design of your choice. Consequently, it should be loaded into the embroidery machine. Designs with clear parts of flat colors are more recommended.

  • Mount it on the hoop

At this stage of making your single custom patches, you are required to loop a section of water-soluble mesh. The hoop size should be suitable for this activity. The mesh in question enables you to stitch several patches in one hooping. Therefore, it is more preferred to the film type.

embroidered patch on hat
  • Start embroidering

Certainly, this is the most crucial part of machine embroidery patch designs. The patch design placement line needs to be embroidered directly to the stabilizer of the water-soluble. However, you should begin your embroidering from the lowest part of your design. 

  • Stitching process

In this stage of how to make a patch from a picture, the tack-down line needs to be stitched. However, before stitching, you should ensure that patch fabric is well positions on the placement line. Also, the patch should be straight and tight.

  • Attach the patch fabric to the stabilizer

Subsequently, you need to edge the outer part of the fabric through zigzag stitches. This edging aims to connect the water-soluble stabilizer with the patch fabric. The machine embroiders patches can be used to make the connection in question.

  • Cut it out and seal the edges

At this stage, you will learn how to finish an embroidered patch. Using the scissors, you need to cut the fabric around. However, you need to keep it close to the stitching of the tack-down. The remaining patch elements should be stitched, and a satin border used to finish at a density of approximately 3 points.

  • Attach it to the hat 

Finally, the patch needs to be submerged in water and waited to dry up completely. Consequently, you can either sew the patch to your cap or attach it using an adhesive. At this stage, you will have successfully made custom patches for hats.

embroidered patch on hat
  • In conclusion

Arguably, the process of making a customized embroidered patch is relatively long but straightforward. Therefore, with the provided guideline, you can be in a position of making different designs for embroidered patches and attach them to your hats or other clothes of your choice. However, you need to follow the step carefully to ensure you have a good-looking final product.

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