How to care for your human hair extensions

by Viviana

Human hair extensions are lifesavers. With the stress and hustle that comes with each day, a lot of women don’t have the time to sit all day in salons to make braids. Human hair extensions not only make you look fashionable but it’s super-fast and easy to use.

Now, how can you take care of your human hair extensions? How can you make them last longer? Whether its lace frontals or Peruvian hair bundles with closure, you need to take measures to care for them.

Do you want your human hair extensions to last for you? Keep reading.

How to care for your human hair extensions

1. Leave-in conditioners are a must-have

Leave-in conditioners should be purchased alongside your human hair extensions. Buying human hair without it feels like a sacrilege. Why are they so important?

This is because they help to hydrate the hair. When your human hair is well hydrated, it looks healthy and fresh. It also limits hair fall and gives the hair some shine and sparkle so that it will look thick, strong, and healthy.

Also, leave-in conditioners protect your hair from heat.

2. Make sufficient use of dry shampoos

If you want to keep your human hair extension healthy, make good use of dry shampoos. For those who don’t know what dry shampoos are, they are used to remove oil, dirt, and grease from the hair.

However, it can be applied on dry hair compared to conventional shampoos that only work on wet hair. Dry shampoos have been in existence for a very long time (since the 1960s) but only became very popular through natural hair advocates and wig stylists.

If you want to remove excess oil buildup or dirt from your human hair extension, you can use dry shampoo as an alternative instead of conventional shampoos.

But note, dry shampoos can’t replace wet shampoos. They only help to extend the time between washing.

3. Air dry your extensions often

We have become so lazy when it comes to hair drying because of fast and handy hair dryers all over the place. But artificial hair drying can’t replace air drying. Limit the amount of hot air that touches your wig extensions because it can cause serious damage to your hair.

Generally, hot air can cause damage to any kind of hair, whether human hair or synthetic ones or even natural hair.

If you want to towel dry your hair, ensure your towel is microfiber. This will prevent it from tugging on your hair strands. Also, don’t rub your hair extensions against each other. Pet it like a newborn.

4. Paddle brushes are here to save the day

Do you want to give your human hair extensions more volume? Get a paddle brush today. It has this anti-static, flat shape that evens out frizzes and flying strands. It also helps to create straight and elegant looks on any length of hair, whether short, medium, or long hair.


Do you have human hairs that are detangled beyond human comprehension? A paddle brush and leave-in conditioner can do you a whole world of good.

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