Pointers On What To Do When You Style Your Wig

by Viviana

There are so many wigs in the market, but one trend that is catching on has to be the blonde wig type. The styling options are out of this world. One of the things you need to remember when it comes to this wig type is to ensure you get the right blonde wig. Once you do that, you now need to figure out how to style your blonde wig well. To help you with this, here are some of the things you need to keep in mind.

1. Get a natural hair wig

Before you start wearing your wig, the most important thing you should keep in mind is that natural blonde wigs are better than synthetic ones. The reason behind this is, synthetic blonde wigs have a plastic look and feel to them. It does not matter how many times you try to style it; everyone will notice it is a synthetic wig from the get-go.

2. Get a wig close to your skin tone

There are several types of blonde in the market, and all these types fit different people. Figure out which type of blonde suits you well. You can add some drama to the blonde wig by adding some highlights to it. As long as it is close to your skin tone, all these additions will still suit you perfectly. Getting different types of blonde will have you looking weird, so be keen on this step.

3. Bleach the knots of the wig

One of the things that people hate with blonde wigs is how they look after one wears them. The reason for this is it has an artificial feel to it. To ensure everything is seamless, bleach the knots of the wig before you wear it. If you have an issue with doing this, you could get a professional to help out. Most people choose to do it themselves and have a cleaner-based to work with.

4. Style your wig

Once you have all these taken care of, the next thing you need to do is style your wig. You can do this by trimming off the excess lace if it was a lace wig and combing through it. Once you do that, the next thing you need to do is add some volume to the wig. You can curl it up or cut it up a little to create different layers. The only thing you should remember when doing this is to use minimum heat. Since the wig is already bleached, a lot of heat will damage it faster.

5. Wear your wig

With all these preparations done, the only thing left is to wear your wig. Get your wig cap and put it on first, then apply your wig glue on the side of your head. Let the glue dry for a little while before you put on the wig. Once you put the wig on, lay your edges, then comb through the wig one last time, and you are good to go.

Last thoughts

Many people think that no one can style blonde wigs. The truth is, you can look great in this wig. All you need is little care for the wig, and you will look amazing in it.

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