Process of Designing Custom-made Jewellery

by Viviana

Customization of jewelry such as necklaces, bracelets, rings, and earrings is a process that requires your opinions and critiques to design the perfect piece for your collection or gift. After shopping around in physical and online stores and not finding what you like can be frustrating. This is where personalized jewelry comes in. You will easily bring the idea or picture in your mind to life by clicking on Kette mit Bild for the best high-quality pieces. In this write-up, we discuss the process of designing custom-made jewelry.

Custom-Made Jewellery Designing Process

After deciding to have your jewelry made from scratch, You must follow several steps to achieve the desired end product. They include;

1. Consultation

It is the first step of designing after booking an appointment with the company. You can meet up with the experienced designer either one on one or through a zoom call if it’s an online company. This is where you talk about the story behind the jewelry, design idea, and the colors you prefer. The designer takes you through the metals available, and you decide what you want based on its comfort and wearability. Also, outline any allergies you may have to avoid metals that would trigger them. Basic sketches are made to get a rough idea how everything will look like.

2. Rendering Using CAD

Jewelry rendering is the process of creating photorealistic images from 3D models. It allows you to see the final look before production begins. You get the chance to alter any detail that doesn’t satisfy you or add particular gemstones. Rendering services reduce the risk of producing pieces that don’t suit the client or even those that cant sell. The process takes quite some time to produce a single image; hence the customer needs to be patient enough to see the final results.

3. Wax Model

This step ensures that the personalized jewelry CAD renders well into the 3D model. A prototype machine specialized for wax production forms it as a base on the Cad design. There are different types of wax models which the designer should take you through for better understanding. Wax models are essential in setting the details on a design and the creation of cast pieces. Accurate representations of all details featured on your jewelry piece are made. It can also depict accent stones at their specific positions. Some companies create a design page for you to view the finished wax model via e-mail, or you can choose to view it in person.

4. Casting and Finishing Off

It’s the final step where the design expert creates the metal version of the jewelry from all the rendering services. The metal goes through the processes of carving out the details, creating texture, and shining it. The stones are then set carefully as desired. Your jewelry is then inspected to see if it meets the standard needed in its quality and accuracy. It is then handed over to you when everything is cleared.


The budget for making personalized jewelry is up to you. The metal, gemstones, and complexity of the design set the price. It is made to reflect your personality or that of others if it’s to be gifted. The good quality makes the piece durable, attractive, and exceeds your expectations. Custom-made jewelry is worth buying and a good recommendation to people.

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