Reasons Why Lace Closures Are Quite Popular

by Viviana

A lace closure is a type of hairpiece used to close off wigs or particular hairstyles. Typical closures come in four by four inches in size. Lace closures are available in several styles, like three-part, middle, and free-part styles. Bundles with closures are pretty popular because of the numerous advantages they offer. This post covers the primary lace closure advantages.

Advantages of lace closures

These hair products offer a wide range of benefits. Below are the main ones;

1. Little maintenance

Lace closures do not require a lot of maintenance. Unlike sewn-in lace frontal wigs, they are easy to maintain and can last for longer. They also do not require professional know-how for maintenance.

If you own a lace closure, the only care you need is to ensure you wash it, condition it, and style it correctly. However, you do not need to do this daily. For most of the week, you can take it off at the end of the day and put it back on in the morning without doing anything special to it.

2. Durability

Another benefit is that they tend to last longer than their counterparts. Typical lace closures can last between eight to twelve months. Their durability can be attributed to the fact that they are designed to withstand all types of weather. They also do not require a lot of gluing and customizing, which could significantly influence their quality and longevity by pulling at the edges. However, it is worth taking note that proper maintenance will enhance their longevity. Additionally, their durability can be influenced by their style, quality, and frequency of use.

3. Hair protection

One of the main reasons why lace closures have become pretty popular among women and fashionistas across the globe is because they protect your hair. Wearing lace closures means that you do not have to subject your hair to heat and chemicals like dyes. Instead of damaging your hair with heat and chemical products, you can dye and do whatever is necessary to the lace closures.

These products also allow you to experiment with various colors, styles, and hair products without worrying about the damage they would cause to your hair. Therefore, a lot of people wear lace closures for hair protection.

4. Natural appearance

Another advantage worth noting is that lace closures have a natural appearance. They are great at creating the illusion of natural hair and a natural hairline. This benefit typically depends on the type of lace closure material. For instance, silk, monofilament, and polyurethane lace closures create a better illusion of a natural scalp than hybrid closures.


Like most products, lace closures also have some downsides. The first one is that they limit your styling options. This is because they mainly offer three styling options: free part, three-part, and middle-part. Note that a single lace closure does not provide all three styling options. Therefore, the style you can apply depends on the type of lace closure you own. The same cannot be said about other kinds of hairpieces. However, note that their benefits outweigh their downsides.

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