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Taylor By Taylor Swift

by voicesoffashion

Given that I’m a huge fan of her first two fragrances I was excited to try Taylor Swifts new self entitled offering. If you’ve tried her other two I’d say this one is more for fans of Enchanted Wonderstruck than the original as it’s more woody/musky than sweet and fruity.

Taylor By Taylor Swift

Taylor By Taylor Swift

Although the notes differ slightly this to me smells EXACTLY like the original Burberry for women perfume. My Mum wears it and I had a bottle when I was younger.. it’s such a familiar scent to me and as soon as I spritzed this for the first time it’s the first thing that I thought of so if you were (or still are) a fan of that I guarantee you will like this. The notes they do share are Peach, Musk, Sandalwood.

The bottle is also a step away from the Wonderstruck design with a vintage feel and a paul smith-esque pattern which gives it a younger edge. So far I’ve not been disappointed by anything Taylor has released and although this isn’t something I’s gravitate towards these days the nostalgia factor means I will probably still wear it often.

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