Tips on how to choose a good jewelry store to shop from

by Viviana

Buying jewelry isn’t nearly the same as buying a new piece of clothing. It’s easier to get a dress from basically any store or boutique near you. However, it’s a different ball game for jewelry. Jewelry and accessories are not something you buy very often. Whether it’s as significant as a pendant necklace¬†or as small as a ring, It requires great skill to tell authentic, quality jewelry. You may just want to get a trusted jeweler for your needs.

Part of the skills needed to get jewelry is the ability to spot fakes, proper maintenance and care, and so on. However, choosing the right jeweler or jewelry store will reduce this stress. Here’s how to choose a good jeweler

  1. Ask for recommendations from your friends and family

If you’ve been searching for a while and you can’t seem to find it on your own, it’s good to ask your family or friends where they purchase their jewelry. Ask them questions about their jeweler, if they’re good at what they do and if they sell quality jewelry.

Take a look at some of the pieces they’ve both and try to assess it’s quality. You can also ask people who wear beautiful jewelry where they buy from.

  1. Read reviews

This is almost like a king for recommendations. Reviews are collated from several people who have patronized a businessman. You can make use of social media to your advantage. Go through the jeweler’s pages on social media and do some digging. Read the reviews on their pages. If you get a good review from their pages, it’s as good as getting a recommendation from your friend.

  1. Ask for their credentials and certifications.

A qualified jeweler should be educated and have certifications. They should be able to answer any questions you have and also be able to carry out repairs on jewelry. The credentials qualified jewelers have include one of the following- RJ, GG, CSA, CG, or CJAP.

  1. Ask for copies of their returns policy.

You may need to ask for these and for any warranties they give. You need to make sure they’ll be able to accept the jewelry back in case of any incidents that might happen that’s not your fault. Jewelry stores that have no return policy are one you should steer clear of.

  1. Follow your heart

It’s your decision to make. If you believe that you should purchase your jewelry from a particular store, go ahead. There are a lot of quality jewelry stores with excellent customer service out there. However, if you notice any shady business going on, it could be a red flag, no matter how little.


Finding the right jewelry store isn’t easy. The above tips will help you in choosing one. Don’t hesitate to leave when you notice any red flags. It might be tempting to stay and give them a chance, but there are other jewelry stores out there that can provide you with what you want. Also, make sure you insure your jewelry.

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