Tips To Smoothen Out A Bathtub

by Viviana
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As a professional bathtub refinisher, you need to work on sharpening your skills at revamping customer’s bathtubs. Immediately a bathtub is refinished, it is time to incorporate an extra shine into it to wow your clients. Consider applying some of the tried and tested methods to accomplish excellent results in bathtub in Sydney in myhomeware.

If you are a customer and your tub has seen actually seen better days ahead, but now should choose between purchasing a new one or just re-coating what you own, then you are in the right place. Here is our guide to smoothing out a bathtub.

 Safety Tips To Consider Before Anything

Before you indulge in any refinishing job, it is crucial to consider taking proper safety measures. That way, as a constructor, you will be safe from any harm. Here are a couple of safety measures you need to invest in:

  • Invest in top-notch latex gloves
  • Have a towel around to lay down your materials such as chemicals
  • Always work in a ventilated place
  • Sanding The Surface

The second step you need to think of is polishing the surface. Here, it would help if you sanded down the tub coupled with the areas that require polishing. Try using gritty sandpaper to achieve excellent results. At the same time, you need a bucket to hold water and dip your sandpaper into the water before you wet the dull areas.

  • Apply Rubbing Compound

Dry off your tub before applying any form of a compound. Here, you can use an additional rubbing compound to restore dull and oxidized paint. That way, you will be in a position to remove any form of sanding scratches.

And then, using a high-quality rag, you can easily apply the compound you shall use to rub on your bathtub in a circular motion. Go ahead and continue applying the mixture until you notice a bright shine. In the long run, you should also apply several coats of cut rubbing compound.

  • Go Ahead And Buff Your Bathtub

When you have managed to achieve the desired level of shine, you can use a buffer in smoothing the surface. Ensure that you also use a mild speed in ensuring that you obtain an even finish.

  • Finally, Product Application And Customer Service

It is essential to look for “we are committed to giving our customers the best refinishing products”. So work with a reliable supplier who can provide you with top-notch products and services. Remember, if you hire the best, you will get the best service.


Giving your bathtub a smooth finish is not an easy task. As highlighted above, you need to ensure that you have the right materials for the job. It would help if you also familiarize yourself with the basics of smoothening your bathtub. Consider working with a trusted professional service provider to fix your bathtub. You also need to ensure that the individual working on it retains its shape. With the tips above, you can quickly achieve that. You may also acquire more with extended observation.

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