Types of Hair Extensions – Why You Need One?

by Viviana

Do you want to have a new hairstyle, but you have short hair? Don’t worry. You can have the hairstyle you want in an instant with the help of the extension cheveux. At present, hair extension is part of every hairstylist bag. It is one way to add volume or length to your hair.

Hair extensions are available in various types. It depends on you which type will provide the style you want for your hair. Below are some of the popular types of hair extensions you can consider to make your dull hair alive.

Types of Hair Extensions

Below are seven popular types of hair extensions that you can consider using for your future events. Choose the one that will suit you well or, better yet, ask the professional’s help.

Natural Hair Extensions

Natural hair extensions are high-quality and blend well with your hair without any concern. Also, it is easier to style and requires less maintenance. Synthetic hair extensions are becoming natural, and sometimes they combine the two to produce the perfect crowning glory extension.

Clip-in Extensions

As the name implies, this type of extension is connected in the hair using metal clips. It is available in the market in various forms. Some clip-in has an afro design, curly or smooth. The good thing about this product is it is easy to install and costs less. You can install it by yourself. This type of extension can stay in your hair longer. But, in the case of a strong wind, the bindings may show up.

Hot Extensions

Hot extensions are the most popular hair extensions. They blend perfectly with natural hair. Also, they are more durable. A straight or curly hair extension with keratin can last up to six months. But, the installation should be done by an expert. The strands at the hairline should be treated with keratin. The process requires melting them using a heating clamp or a smooth tool to make it harder. If you decide to remove them, an expert should do it since removing them is not easy.

Cold Extensions

If you do not want hot extensions, this type of hair extension is a good alternative. The extensions are applied using metal rings or small silicone. The process is long since you need to pinch the strands one by one near the hairline. Also, you can do the installation by yourself. The drawback is that removing it will also take longer.

Hair Extensions with Adhesive Strips

This type of hair extension is sometimes called permanent extensions. The installation is fast and easy. It can last in your hair for around 12 weeks. It depends on the quality of adhesive the manufacturer used. Maintaining them is not easy, as they may tend to fall out if not handled properly.

Body Wave Weaving

This is the most attractive type of hair extension. It costs less and is suitable for any hair type. Installing the body wave weaving extension is easy since it includes weaving the strands on the actual hair. An expert should do the installation for better results.

Body Wave Closure

It is a unique extension used as a wig or a tulle piece to be glued or sewn to the hair. This extension is made with natural hair and can be curly, smooth, or wavy. It is available in various models.

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