How to wear black during the summer

by Viviana

For so long, wearing black in the summer was considered out of style and irrelevant. Designers made this a fact by presenting one colorful outfit after another on the runways in the summer. Black has, however, become a summer fashion trend recently. More people and more designers are encouraging black garments in the summer. People have found that as much as a pop of color is a must-do during summer. This doesn’t mean that you have to keep away all your black pieces until the end of the season. For instance, black summer dresses for women have become a huge summer trend. 

Various ways you can wear black during the summer

a. Black summer dresses for women

black summer dress

Black dresses are the right fashion choice for the summer. Whether long or short, the trick is to make sure that the fabric is light enough to beat the summer heat. Chiffon and linen are always a good option. The dress can be coupled with colorful accessories like earing, sandals, or scarfs. Blazers may not be a huge trend during the summer. However, if you are looking to create a more official look for a summer job or a formal event, a blazer would do. 

b. Black pants

black summer pants

You can do no wrong with a black pair of pants. Black pants can be paired with anything on the top. From crop tops to tank tops or sleeveless tops, you can do no wrong when it comes to pairing black pants with tops. It is, however, always better to go for a tiny top or a more colorful top to pair with black pants. The pants can either be made of jeans or palazzo pants or even a couple of short pants. For the summer, you can pair black pants with a pair of colored heels, open-toed sandals, or canvases. Canvas shoes and boots may, however, be too hot for the summer. 

c. black accessories for summer

black bag

These accessories can either be jewelry, bags, hats, or belts. When we speak of wearing black in summer, it does not necessarily mean wearing a dress or pants. A black handbag can also do the trick. Every woman should have at least one black hand back or clutch bag in her closet. This bag can transition from one season to another. A black bag can be paired with anything from dresses to pants or skirts. A black belt is an excellent accessory to an article of light-colored clothing or pants as well. Black jewelry is an edgier style to take on in the summer. 

d. Black shoes

black summer shoe

A black pair of shoes is a cool trend for the summer. Sandals and open-toed shoes are a hit in the summer. Black pairs of heels are also an excellent way to go.

Take Away

Summer is a time for relaxing, chilling out with friends, and letting loose. There is, therefore, no better time to make fashion risks than the summer. Stepping out of your comfort zone may be the first step to standing out during the summer. 

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