Why Multi-Purpose Canvas Backpacks Are Trending

by Viviana

Canvas backpacks are trending these days – they are cheaper, eco-friendly, and very versatile. Even women are ditching their usual shoulder bags and purses for these comfy and lightweight backpacks.

But of course, some cannot let go of having a purse around. After all, a purse is a vital accessory that every lady should have.

To fix the problem, designers have come up with the canvas backpack purse. This combines the discretion of a purse and the convenience that comes with a backpack! It’s a win for both comfort and style!

What is a backpack purse?

The backpack purse generally looks like a backpack – but it comes with a lot of ways to adjust the strap so you can carry it in many ways. You can call it a multi-purpose backpack! They are usually smaller in size to look like a purse too. But, you can also find bags in larger sizes that function the same way.

Most of the time, the straps are not really permanent, except for the handle at the top which allows you to carry it like a handbag that has one strap. The straps can be adjusted with a hook on the middle and sides to make it function like a backpack. Then, there are higher hooks on the sides so you can adjust the straps and carry the bag like a shoulder bag or a crossbody bag.

Multi-purpose canvas backpacks with style

The fact that you can use these canvas backpack purse in so many ways contributes greatly to its overall appeal! You can use it as a backpack while you are commuting to work, leaving your hands free to eat a quick sandwich and drink a cup of coffee on the way. When you near your destination, you can turn the backpack into a purse or shoulder bag to give it a more formal feel, making it suitable for the workplace. After work, you can adjust it to a backpack again for the commute back home.

Makes backpacks look chic

Canvas backpack purses are also more feminine to look at than ordinary canvas backpacks. They are smaller in size and have thinner straps than the usual. They also can be mixed with different materials such as leather. They come in different colors, patterns, and styles. Whatever your fashion preferences are, you will surely be able to find a backpack purse that will fit most, if not all, of your outfits.

Easily go from day to night

Meeting up your friends after work and you do not have enough time to go home in between? The backpack purse can take you from day to night easily since it can function as a purse! Some even have chain straps to make the bag more stylish and classy. All you have to do is choose an outfit that is appropriate for work and play!

The backpack purse appeals to all women from various walks in life. From the little kid who goes to school to the CEO running her own empire – everyone appreciates the convenience of a canvas backpack purse.

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