Tips for making your brand labels stand out

by Viviana
brand labels

Shopping has become easier yet harder in recent years; the variety of products that function in the same way makes choosing one a task that many are times require prowess. Brand labels help shoppers determine the products to choose from the rest. A while ago, having a brand label was the most natural way of getting your product to stand out, however, with every company’s product having a brand label, the trick is to make your brand label stand out from other brand labels. (Have a look at some labels from deepking label) In this post, we provide you with tips for making your brand label stand out. 


One of the features of a brand label that attracts consumers to choose your product is the professionalism of the brand label. By professional, it means that the brand label should be neat, clean, and must have professional content. A less professional brand label does not attract clients because clients tend to trust on the quality of a product basing on the professionalism of the brand that made the product. 


For your product to stand out, the brand label also has to be attractive. Some features that may promote attractiveness include;

  • Color- the colors that you choose to incorporate on the brand labels on your product will determine the kind of impact that they have on human emotions (according to psychologists). This, therefore, means that you have to be keen on the colors and make sure that they accurately represent what your product is about. For instance, if you are selling cereals for kids, make sure the colors on the brand label are colorful and bright to attract the target market.
brand labels
  • Use of images- the images that you incorporate on your product’s packaging play a crucial role in attracting consumers. Always go for eye-catching images that are bound to draw customers towards the side of the aisle where your products are displayed. 

Size of the brand label

The standard size for a brand label ranges between 20mm and 70mm, and it highly depends on the size of the packaging for the product or the quantity of the product itself (brand labels for clothes).

When the brand label is too small as compared to the packaging, it fails to work its purpose as clients may miss it and opt for a product with a more profound brand label. The brand should also not be too big that it takes away from all the other attractive features of the packaging for your product. 


The brand labels should always relate to the products that you offer and to your target clients. For instance, a brand label for a t-shirt should not have a picture of ice cream as it would not be relevant to the product. 

Final word

There is so much more than you can do to make your product stand out, other than an outdoing your competitors’ brand labels. You also have to make sure that the quality of your product is outstanding so that you can attract loyal customers. 

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