Flat Iron vs. Hot Air Brush- Which Should You Pick?

by Viviana
Flat Iron vs. Hot Air Brush

A hair straightener refers to a grooming tool created to remove certain curls as well as kinks from the hair. There are various types of straighteners used for the hair. There are also several methods for hair straightening available. Whether you have some straight or curly hair, the hydrogen bonds within will always act as the glue that holds them in shape. Therefore, heat can weaken the hydrogen bonds, thereby enabling your hair to be restyled permanently. In our article, we shall discuss the benefits of using flat iron vs. hot hairbrush. We also look at some of the common types of straighteners. Our experts explain which device is ideal for your hair coupled with the requirements for combing such hair. You will also learn how to use every tool effectively. Go ahead and read this blog post for more.

Whether you select a flat iron or straight hair brush straightener, the heat applied can easily cause dryness and end up damaging your hair. For that reason, it is vital to consider the applications of a thermal protection spray (you can purchase this on Amazon) coupled with a high-quality moisturizing conditioner to protect your hair as well as the scalp. Before we guide you on that, let us do some background checks on the hair devices, shall we?

Background Information on Hair Devices

The history of hair straighteners dates to 1872, where a lady by the name Erica Feldman made use of the first ironing device in order to straighten her hair. Of course, the experience was nothing like what people are witnessing today. Over the years, people have adopted the use of chemicals coupled with various heating tools used to straighten hair. Some methods seemed successful. Others were not successful. The design of the modern iron hair straightening tool comprised of heated iron that had two flat metal plates. Invented by Jennifer Bell, the tool became obsolete over the years. Since then, a plethora of improvement in the hair tool design has been witnessed. The modern devices are now safer, not just on the scalp but on hair as well.  

Let Us Compare Flat and Hot Hair Straighteners

Flat iron hair straighteners work best on thick, curly, and frizzy hair. They utilize high temperatures as compared to hairbrush straighteners. By clamping the hair between the plates, heat is transferred efficiently to the hair. A flat iron can damage the hair. That said, unlike hair brush straighteners, these iron hair straighteners cannot be used in adding volume to your hair. In case you intend to travel with the flat iron straightener, we recommend that you bring with you a heat-resistant bag for storage.

Flat Iron vs. Hot Air Brush

Benefits of Using Flat Iron Hair Straightener

  • It enhances effective hair flattening
  • It is easy to use
  • It is long-lasting, and the styling results are also easy to maintain- you do not require daily maintenance.


There are a few drawbacks to flat ironing your hair too.  Because of the high application of heat, the tool can damage your hair. In cases where you are using a cheap model, the iron plate can quickly produce hotspots that can damage your hair. Also, the flat iron is not going to add volume to your hair. Instead, it will make it flat.

Hot Air Brush

As we mentioned earlier, excessive heat can easily damage your hair. It can also ruin your scalp. For that reason, you need to use a skin-friendly tool in straightening your hair. If you are one of those individuals with thin hair, then it can easily be damaged. A reliable hot airbrush straightener should be your best option because it generally uses a slightly lower heat level than the flat iron. That said, hairbrush straighteners come in a variety of styles. They include:

  • The detangling electric brush- this is useful in untangling your hair, thereby adding some shine to it.
  • The rotating round barrel brush that comes with features that can add volume to your thin hair
  • The double- plated rectangle hairbrush that can easily comb your damaged hair.

Pros Of Using A Hot Air Brush

  • This hairbrush is suitable for all hair types. The heat levels won’t easily damage it
  • The removal of static electricity when adding negative ions
  • It is quick to reach the recommended temperature
  • Safer on your scalp


Our rotating hair brush will give you the closest salon hair straightening styling from the comfort of your home. It is often best used on 75 percent dry hair for it to last longer. The tool dries your hair by blowing in hot hair as well as rotating its barrel spins in order to give it the voluminous look.

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